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Crafted Threads, Express Yourself !!!

    Cricut Tips and Tricks and More!

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    Always be ready to continue working on your project without having to stop and search on your computer for all kinds of Cricut settings and such. 

    This handy guide has 24 pages of things that will certainly come in handy!

    Things like:

    • Easy Press Heat Settings
    • T-shirt placements
    • Other blank placements
    • Fonts
    • What mat to use
    • Printable instructions to give with your products you make
    • Materials and uses
    • What Cricut Maker can cut
    • Glassware sizes and placement
    • Blades and their uses
    • Links to Blanks and Free SVGs
    • Links to SVG Converters
    • Infusible Ink Settings
    • Free printable t-shirt guides
    • 2 pages of Cricut tips for cutting, storing, using, maintaining, etc.
    • and sooo much more!